Friday, July 16, 2010

Fun at Dinner!

May 2, 2010


May 1, 2010

That deserves a close-up! hahahahaha!

Okay, this an older picture, but I love it! For a few months, this is how Josh would take a bath. Hands behind his head relaxing the entire time!

Moments I love!

Apr. 22, 2010
I love it when I walk into Lizzie's room to find this....
It means I get a few moments to myself. PLUS it is always fun to see what random things she has put on. She loves to change her clothes and dress ups every few minutes.

Josh's favorite place to play...

Apr. 21, 2010

Josh loves to play in the oven drawer. He loves to put things inside of stuff, make a lot of noise (we keep out pot lids in there) , and climb. This really is the perfect place for him to play!

This is also after his first hair cut. :( It made me so sad. He went from a baby to a little boy within seconds. He is now definitely a blonde. I didn't realize that it was only the tuft on the top of his head that was brown. Either was he is stinkin cute!

My Little Ballerinas

Apr. 18, 2010

I know one day Josh will kill me for this, but for the record, it was Joel's idea!


Apr. 14, 2010
Sleeping Bag

Lizzie and Josh love to play together! Most of the time they play so well, but now Lizzie wants him to play make believe with her. This tends to lead to them both getting frustrated, and then A LOT of screaming...... I love my kids!

Sunday Mornings!

April 11, 2010


Tired Boy

No more pictures Mom!